My Sock It Tour Of London – In Eating Disorders Awareness Week

In response to Beat’s call to all its supporters to raise awareness this week by recording a short video on why we’re supporting their Why Wait? campaign, here’s my contribution as I’m nearing the end of My Sock It Tour Of London.

Click on the link below to see my video 🙂


My fundraising tour has also gotten me thinking about the key things I’ve been learning and the messages that I want to send out to the world. So here are five messages that I want to share:

1. It’s never too late to recover.

I thought I was stuck with anorexia forever, but I’m learning that recovery is always possible so #WhyWait? Every step in my recovery heals the mental and physical damage caused by my illness bit by bit, and every step means my life is better than when I was trapped in anorexia.

2. Recovery can be tough but it’s always worth it.

Breaking years of ingrained habits is no mean feat. But it was so much tougher living with my eating disorder.

3. It’s really helpful in recovery to speak out and to voice your feelings and fears.

It helps to take the illness out of your own mind and lets you analyse and understand your eating disorder behaviours. Speaking out can be anything from keeping a private diary or blog, telling someone close who you trust, contacting a support organisation like Beat, or speaking out to the world through campaigning and fundraising – whatever you feel will help you and whatever you’re ready for. Your own recovery must come first.

4. I urge everyone communicating and campaigning in the eating disorders space to be responsible when using social media.

If you’re recovered or in recovery, please think about how you felt when trapped in your eating disorder and how you might still feel sometimes. That’s why I never use before/after pictures, or refer to weights, BMI or calories – none of the triggering numbers! I pledge never to break these principles, and would love to see everyone in this space making a similar promise to themselves. Only then can we speak with a united voice to push for change in the mainstream media.

5. An important and wonderful part of recovery is getting in touch with my feelings again.

The world is tough, and full of sadness and suffering. But the world is also beautiful, and full of kindness and joy. Anorexia dulled my feelings for a decade – the majority of my adult life up to now. It’s amazing and empowering to fully feel again, both the good and the bad things, and to find the energy to be play as positive a role in this world as I can. I want to make my mark on lots of causes I care about, which go far beyond even my passion for eating disorders campaigning. Only as I recover has this energy and enthusiasm returned to me again.

My current fundraising campaign ends this Sunday 4 March. I was lucky to have the opportunity to do an interview for London Live this week – that’s where the picture above comes from. I recently had the chance to interview for Channel 5 News too – which you can watch here: Channel 5 Interview

I’m still a little short of my JustGiving target. Help me reach it if you can by donating on my page. Or you can text SOXS52 and an amount from £1 to £10 to 70070.

Let’s Sock It To Eating Disorders this Eating Disorders Awareness Week!

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