About Me and My Fight Against ana

I’m Hannah and I’m not an anorexic. This is what I would say if I went along to ‘Anorexics Anonymous.’ Anorexia invaded my mind and my body for a decade and tried to destroy Hannah. But I am not an anorexic and I’m re-claiming my identity.

This blog charts the recovery of a 33 year old chronic anorexia sufferer as I seize my life back from ana and rediscover my voice in the world. I hope that my fight back against ana will help, encourage and inspire others suffering from eating disorders. I especially want to reach out to those who have had these illnesses for a long time like me and to show that recovery is always possible.

I am also on a mission to change eating disorder treatment as I believe that there must be more positive, effective, and lasting approaches than the ones generally relied on right now. My decade long struggle with ana has given me lots of ideas about how treatments could be improved and I hope this blog starts a conversation about change.

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